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Aqua Lung Lux Regulator

Lux Regulator

Aqua Lung

The Legend regulators are smart, innovative, and packed full of features for the most discerning divers. The marvels of engineering have unsurpassed performance when it comes to ease of breathing and smoothness. They look sharp and are built to last.

Aqua Lung Legend LUX & LX Regulators Features:

  • The MBS (Master Breathing System) controls two functions with one knob – the venturi effect & the opening effort – offering the quickest and easiest route to breathing comfort.
  • ACD (auto-closure device) keeps water and dust out of the first stage by automatically closing as it is removed from the tank.
  • Over-balanced first stage paired with pneumatically balanced second stage makes for superior breathing performance at any depth.
  • The first stage sports an environmental dry system to keep the main chamber free from silt, contamination, and ice buildup
  • Supreme version available that is specially adjusted to resist freezing and includes a lip shield for those extreme cold water conditions with temperatures below 50°F.