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Shark Deaths Throwing Off Ocean Balance

Sharks Deaths Upsetting Ocean Ecosystems


Upsetting Nature's Delicate Balance
An ocean devoid of life is a difficult concept to digest, but we are heading in that direction. We are currently deconstructing the foundation of the intricately balanced web that supports all marine life. From microscopic plankton to the largest blue whale, they all depend upon the continuation of a mathematical equation, a system of checks and balances that insure the survival of each species.
If there is even a minor quantity change in any member species, it upsets the universal balance. A species removed from the system results in an accumulation of their food source and starvation of their predators. This event then effects the next species predator/prey and so on.
So what happens when an entire super-order of fish, is removed from the oceans on a global scale? This is happening now. According to a recent Pew Foundation study, sharks are being removed from the ocean at a rate of about 100,000,000 annually. This is unsustainable for sharks and is having a decimating effect on the world’s fisheries and the health of all marine ecosystems... To read the entire article and sign a petition to ban shark finning in California, click here.

To learn more about the Sea Save Foundation's marine conservation efforts, visit Sea Save.