Cressi Goa | Scuba Diving

The stylish Goa is an apnea watch and dive computer in a compact package. It has a diameter of only 48mm and a high-contrast display of 35mm.

Cressi Goa

Goa Black-Grey


The Goa displays a lot of info on its dive screen (including max depth, dive time, water temp) without being cluttered or confusing because key info like current depth and no deco time have large characters that are shown in the center of the screen. The display is made of mineral glass and the case is constructed with heavy-duty steel buttons that have an underwater resistance of up to 120 meters. It also features a rubber wrist band with stainless-steel buckle and a plastic-steel bezel and back cover. But the Goa isn't just a scuba diving watch. It's also an ideal watch for other underwater activities. If you're swimming or snorkeling, you can deactivate the “dive” functions to avoid hearing unnecessary alarms – like the safety stop notification – when you don't need them.

Product Features

  • Dive computer for scuba diving and freediving
  • Choose between Air or Nitrox dive programs. It is possible to alternate between Nitrox and Air diving even during desaturation
  • Utilizes Cressi's RGBM Algorithm
  • Complete diving data processor
  • Suitable for repeated, multi-day decompression dives
  • Alarm in case of breach of ascent speed, decompression or PPO2
  • Depth and temperature measurement taken every 5 seconds
  • Comes in a variety of colors, including black-grey, black-blue, black-white, white-pink and white-black

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