Cressi Goa | Scuba Diving

The Goa is an apnea watch and dive computer of extremely reduced dimensions. It has a diameter of only 48mm and a high contrast display of 35mm.

Cressi Goa

Goa Black-Grey


The display is made of mineral glass and the case is constructed with heavy-duty steel buttons that have an underwater resistance of up to 120 meters. It also features a rubber wrist band with stainless-steel buckle and a plastic-steel bezel and back cover. But the Goa isn't just a scuba diving watch. It's also an ideal watch for other underwater activities. If you're swimming or snorkeling, you can deactivate the “dive” functions to avoid hearing unnecessary alarms – like the safety stop notification – when you don't need them.

Product Features

  • Dive computer for scuba diving and freediving
  • Choose between Air or Nitrox dive programs. It is possible to alternate between Nitrox and Air diving even during desaturation
  • Utilizes Cressi's RGBM Algorithm
  • Complete diving data processor
  • Suitable for repeated, multi-day decompression dives
  • Alarm in case of breach of ascent speed, decompression or PPO2
  • Depth and temperature measurement taken every 5 seconds
  • Comes in a variety of colors, including black-grey, black-blue, black-white, white-pink and white-black

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