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Diving Lights: Polarion Abyss Dual S

Polarion Abyss Dual S diving light

Carrie Garcia

**Diving Lights: Polarion Abyss Dual S

Burn Time:** up to 110 minutes. Weight: 3 lbs., 14 oz.

The only HID diving light in this year’s go-round, the dual-power mega-horsepower Polarion Abyss Dual S is made of high-strength aluminum with a rugged lantern grip and a double O-ring seal protecting the battery compartment. Turn the Abyss Dual S diving light on, and it starts to whine like a jet turbine powering up to break the sound barrier (this is the sound of the HID’s ballast system cranking — it lasts only a few seconds). Fully revved, the 45-watt metal halide bulb (only 30 watts at low power) blasts out an intense spot beam 22 inches across with a blistering center hot spot. Surrounding this spot beam is an incredibly bright halo measuring almost 6 EV out at the 3-foot mark. The combination creates virtual topside daylight conditions at the deepest depths. The magnetic ring switch takes you from low power to high power easily, and the lithium-ion battery module is easily removable for charging.

Price: $1,895; www.polarionsea.com