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60 Second ScubaLab: Tilos Armada BC

Tilos’ back-bouyancy Armada BC is targeted to the traveling diver, but it has enough ballast capacity and buoyant lift for local diving too. The “Secure-Lock-Quick-Release” integrated weight system accommodates up to 20 pounds of ditchable ballast, and another 10 pounds can be stowed in non-ditch trim weight pouches located in back. This is offset by some good buoyant lift, ranging from 37 to 42 pounds in the larger sizes. In the water, cushy padding in the back and lumbar areas and a rolled neoprene neck collar team up with the wide shoulder straps and cummerbund to create a comfortable ride. Weight pouches are positioned well forward, so loading them is a breeze, even when wearing the BC. And the large plastic pull handles make ditching even easier. The power inflator is responsive, making pinpoint ascent control a cinch. The Armada provides five stainless-steel D-rings along with a small Delrin D over each cargo pocket. There are also grommets for inserting a retractor and mounting a knife. The bottom line: The Armada is an all-in-one BC for divers who like to dive exotic locales as well as local hot spots. Click here for more information. Find this product at your local Tilos dealer.