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Drysuits 2011: Scubapro Everdry 4

Scubapro Everdry 4 image

» Price $950
» Valves Si-Tech
» Sizes M (8), W (6)

Scubapro’s Everdry 4 is a rear-entry, 4 mm high-density neoprene that weighs 50 percent less and is significantly softer than traditional neoprene drysuits. The immediate reaction from every tester was: “Is this a drysuit?” Before even getting in the water, testers gave the suit very good scores for ease of donning and doffing, as well as fit and comfort. In the water, testers liked that the suit required less weight but still maintained warmth, and they found it extremely comfortable in all swimming positions. Testers initially found the Si-Tech side-activated-inflation-valve trigger awkward to use (as they did with other suits that featured this trigger), but once they got used to it, the trigger provided smooth inflation. Unlike suits that offer unisex sizing for men and women, the female version of the Everdry 4 is cut for a woman’s figure. Purchasing boots is a must with the Everdry, as it comes only with neoprene socks.

The Testers’ Choice for female neoprene suits, the Everydry 4 was comfortable, lightweight and, best of all, warm. (The male version of the Everdry 4 also tested well.)