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ScubLab: Fins - Tusa SF-15 X-PERT Zoom Z3

The Zoom Z3 is the only split fin submitted for this year’s review, a marked contrast from years past when splits dominated fin shootouts in both numbers and performance. The Zoom Z3 is an updated version of Tusa’s X-Pert Zoom. It has a slightly longer blade and is positioned atop the foot pocket, which is made of a Monoprene and TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) composition. Optimized blade scoops enhance water channeling. Reinforced Monoprene I-beam ribs and side rails decrease blade separation and increase stability. The fin is easily recognizable by its patented 27-degree blade angle, which Tusa says allows 100 percent of the energy expended during the kick phase to be directed toward the propulsion of the diver.

Test divers found it easy to get good bursts of acceleration with the Zoom Z3, although they couldn’t quite get the top speeds they could with some other fins. However, good power could be generated with minimal stress, and the fin behaved well using all kicking styles. It was also efficient on the surface and throughout the test process remained super comfy on the feet. Female testers, in particular, loved this fin. Commented one, “This fin is super comfortable and easy to use.” Another wrote, “The shape of the foot pocket and fit lessens the strain of a long swim.”

Bottom Line
While not a top speedster, the Z3 delivers good power with little effort and does everything else pretty darn well. It earned the fifth spot on our test divers’ “Top 5 Favorites” list, so it’s doing something right.

Top Averaged Speed 2.1 mph
Ergo Score 66
Top 5 Points 10
Warranty One Year
Sizes S, M, L
Colors Black, Blue, Yellow, White, Red, White/Pink
Weight 2 lbs., 6 oz. (size M)
Bouyancy Slightly Negative
Price $89

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