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ScubaLab: Dive Computers - SUBGEAR XP10


Mounting Options Wrist-Mount, Console
Operational Modes Air, Nitrox, Gauge
User Controls Two push buttons
Air-Integrated No
PC Kit Included (Infrared)
Price Standard, Wrist-Mount, $249; 3-Gauge Console, $349

The Swiss-made XP10 is a single-gas computer that also offers full watch functions. Critical dive info is displayed together on the primary screen, while an alternate screen displays Max Depth, Temp and Time of Day. Data digits tend to be the same size, which makes understanding what the DC is telling you not immediately apparent. However, clarity increases as you get accustomed to the screen. A three-color nitrogen tissue-loading bar graph makes it easy to monitor your nitrogen-loading status. A variable ascent monitor lets you control your speed back to the surface, and you can set the timer from one to five minutes to customize safety stops.

Bottom Line

Neither liberal nor conservative, the XP10 doesn’t offer any programmable safety settings, but the use of the bar graph lets you create your own safety cushion by keeping your N2-loading pixels out of the red zone. The XP10 offers most features common in other dive computers. It takes more practice to navigate through its programs than other models, but you can’t beat the price.

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