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ScubaLab: Dive Computers - SUUNTO D4


Mounting Options Wristwatch
Operational Modes Watch, Air, Nitrox, Free Dive
User Controls Four push buttons
Air-Integrated No
PC Kit Optional, $98
Price $685

The most basic model in Suunto’s “D” line of wristwatch computers, the D4 offers everything you need in a basic computer, plus it has a really cool free-dive mode that includes a daily history page, depth alarm and a surface-time alarm. The screen makes efficient use of the space with just the essential data displayed: Depth and NDL with an ascent-rate bar graph on the right and nitrogen bar graph on the left. Smaller numbers on the bottom give alternate data. Nice bar graphs stand out against a black background. In spite of the smallish screen, data digits are relatively large, very bold and easy to read. The ascent rate monitor is first class, as well as the surface-interval screen.

Bottom Line

The D4 leans conservative. To increase the safety cushion, it offers three personal adjustments and three altitude settings. However, if you’d prefer to go the other way, it’s possible to adjust the RGBM model by 50 percent to make the DC more liberal. Though a bit pricey for a basic wristwatch computer, the D4 offers all the functions recreational divers need plus a whole lot more in a really sharp-looking package.

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Advanced Computers
These are full-featured dive computers designed for divers who want the option of ratcheting up their diving experiences. Advanced computers allow you to program multiple mixes up to 100 percent oxygen that can be switched while at depth. They often also offer features like onboard compasses.
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