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Suunto Zoop Dive Computer: ScubaLab Review

suunto zoop dive computer

Suunto Zoop Dive Computer
The Zoop diver computer is an excellent choice for any new scuba diver thanks to its ease-of-use, but it also offers features that make it appealing to more experienced divers.


Mounting Options Wrist-mount, Console
Operational Modes Air, Nitrox, Free Dive
User Controls Three push buttons
Air-Integrated No
PC Kit Optional, $98
Price Wrist-Mount, $350; Two-Gauge Console, $475

Suunto’s entry-level dive computer, the Zoop is based on the old Suunto Gekko but offers the ability to download dive data to a PC. The Zoop dive computer features a well-laid-out display with easy-to-read data digits, helpful graphics and intuitive white-yellow-red color bars that simplify monitoring N2 loading and ascent rate. Screen prompts like History, Memory, Nitrox, etc., are prominently displayed at the bottom of the screen so you can navigate through the system more easily. Plus, by grouping similar functions into separate menu sections, Suunto has created a more intuitive system that requires fewer button pushes to get where you want. On the downside, the Zoop’s phosphorescent LCD display for low-light conditions leaves much to be desired — it took a prolonged burst from a dive light to activate the phosphorescence, which then produced only dim and splotchy illumination. The same test on a backup model produced the same results.

Bottom Line

Slightly conservative, this is a simple-to-use DC for the beginner, while offering all the features a veteran recreational diver might need.

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