Win This! March/April letter writer wins Watershot housing | Scuba Diving

Win This! March/April letter writer wins Watershot housing

Watershot iPhone Housing

When we asked readers and Facebook fans to tell us about their favorite stories from our Nov/Dec 2012 issue, this one from Matt Haeussler stood out — and wins the_ __Watershot Underwater iPhone __Camera_ Housing we featured in that issue's "Win This!". Matt's letter appears in our March/April issue.

A Great Eye

I love to page through your magazine before reading it just to look at the pictures. There’s something so captivating and intriguing about pictures taken underwater. It truly is another world and not one that many would ever see without the beautiful way your magazine brings the waters of our world to life. Those pictures are one of the reasons my wife and I recently got into diving. We wanted to see this world with our own eyes. After going to Key Largo for our first ocean dive, we’re incredibly excited for our upcoming trip to Roatan. We’re reading up on underwater photography so we can start to bring our own diving experiences to life for our friends and family, just as Scuba Diving has done for us. Keep the pictures coming!

A Great Housing

Cases cover — housings protect. Watershot® is built to live in the water and withstand rocks, reefs, salt, sand and extreme pressure. Full suspension system "floats" your iPhone inside the housing for maximum protection. Waterproof performance to 40m/130 ft deep. Watershot PRO depth rating 60m/195 ft deep.