60: Second ScubaLab: Waterproof W2 | Scuba Diving

60: Second ScubaLab: Waterproof W2

Waterproof - W2

The W2 Wetsuit from Waterproof is anatomically designed for a superior fit. It features Waterproof’s patented HexTex inner lining, a dense, knitted, hexagonally shaped plush lining to restrict water movement and increase comfort and warmth. Constructed of either 5 or 7 mm Microcell CR Neoprene for durability and warmth, the W2 adds a 10 mm thick spine pad for additional protection and insulation to the back area. In addition, the W2 can be paired with a hooded ice vest, hooded under vest or a separate hood for the optimum combination in nearly any aquatic environment.

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