Maui Rocks! | Scuba Diving

Maui Rocks!

We recently spent 10 days on Maui at our timeshare (Marriott Ocean Club), and the diving just gets better everytime! We go to Maui at least once a year and always dive every day. Earlier last year, we booked for the first time with Ed Robinson's Dive Adventures (ERDA) and won't dive with anyone else.

When we arrived on island, we did a quick warm-up dive at Black Rock, and as always, it was a great, long dive. We saw tons of nudibranchs, eels, 3 turtles, and more fish than you can shake a stick at. We spent the next 3 days doing our Rescue Diver class with Maui Dreams, and recommend them highly for training or shore diving. Great group of people!

On this trip, we had two charters to Lanai booked with Lahaina Divers, which is an operator we've used frequently in the past. They've always been flexible about our dive profiles on previous trips, but on this one there were a couple of new DMs who apparently we made nervous by diving our own profiles instead of theirs. They weren't too happy that we were literally the first off the boat and the last back on, but fortunately we knew the captains who ran interference for us. We likely won't be booking with Lahaina Divers in the future, though will still recommend them highly for beginner, occasional, or Discover Scuba folks since they really do a good job with them.

We did 3 charters with Ed Robinson's, two 3-tank Adventure Dives and one 2-tank charter. The 3-tank charters are for more experienced divers as you definitely push your NDLs pretty hard, and the less experienced or less skilled divers definitely stand out on these charters. We had one guy on our first charter who not only went into deco on his second dive, but blew through his deco stop and boarded the boat with his computer screaming!! He was on-board no less than 5 minutes prior to me, and I listened to his computer sound off for not less than another 5 minutes. He was not allowed to dive the third tank that day, and astonishingly enough, didn't appear to understand why, choosing instead to be angry with the captain. We dove Molokini on both of the 3-tank charters, and among other things were treated to many sharks, a rare Hawksbill Turtle, cowries, nudis, and large schools of fish everywhere.

Actually though, our 2-tank charter was our most memorable and probably the best overall dive day we had on this trip. Ironically, it was a charter that we weren't sure would even happen due to engine problems within 5 minutes of leaving the harbor. One of the crew, Dave, worked hard three times to try to fix the engine, but Mark, our captain, simply wound up feathering that engine back and letting the other do most of the work instead of going back to shore. He also chose S. Maui dive sites instead of taking us to Molokini to be safe, and fortunately, nobody was disappointed. Frankly, after the first dive, everyone was glad we didn't go to Molokini. Our first dive had us dropping in on 5 Spotted Eagle Rays. Not to be outdone, the whales decided to sing a symphony for us in their loudest voices.

As if it couldn't get better, our second dive had us dropping in on a Manta Ray! On both dives, we enjoyed a huge assortment of marine life including frog fish, turtles, leaf scorpionfish, Hawaiian green lionfish, mantis shrimp, cleaner shrimp galore, many different nudibranchs, many types of eels, curious worm fish, and again loud whale song vibrating through our chests. Now we can't wait to return to Maui again this year since it just doesn't get better than this!