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ScubaLab First Look: Underwater Hunting Gear

Tilos Spear Fishing Camo Skins

Want to blend into the underwater environment but don’t want to pop for a camouflage wetsuit? These lightweight, camouflaged long-sleeved shirts and pants are designed to fit over a standard wetsuit. The shirt comes with a hood and drawstring and a built-in chest-loading pad. The pants come with stirrups and a waist drawstring. Both garments are made of 5.5-ounce Lycra/ Spandex with flat-stitched seams. They provide a stealthy disguise at depth, and on the surface, they shed water quickly and easily while providing UV protection.

MSRP $65.99, shirt; $49.99, pants INFO

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Mares Cyrano Evo HF Spear Gun

Designed for ease of use and accuracy, the outer barrel of this pneumatic spear gun has been tapered to improve buoyancy and balance, both of which enable better tracking and stability while firing. The sight has been raised and the internal barrel moved upward — off-axis — to allow for a more natural, instinctive aiming style. The preformed handle has a high-function grip, and the distance between handle and trigger is adjustable.

MSRP See dealer for details INFO

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Scubamax BG-384 Spear Gun Travel Bag

Offering a safe, convenient way to transport a spear gun, the BG-384
— which measures 59-by-9.5-by-6.5 inches — is constructed of foam-padded 600-denier nylon. Inside there is a puncture-resistant, waterproof lining with two pairs of adjustable straps for securing gun components. A large #10 YKK zipper seals the bag, and two external compression straps help secure the load. On the outside, two zippered pockets can stow a frameless mask or other equipment. The bag is fitted with double duffel straps as well as a couple of adjustable shoulder straps that can be used separately or together backpack-style.

MSRP $159.99 INFO

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Subgear Apnea Buoy

Free diving takes a lot of energy, so a buoy provides a much-needed surface platform for resting before and after a dive. It also increases
 a diver’s safety when diving in areas with heavy boat traffic. Subgear’s Apnea buoy comes in high-visibility emergency orange with three handholds, a top sleeve with four loops and four D-rings for grab
bing onto or attaching gear, a weight pouch to add ballast to make sure the buoy remains upright, a removable dive flag and 60 feet of line with clips on each end.


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Cressi Gara Modular Carbon Fins

Wearing long-bladed fins that can propel a diver into the depths where the trophy game fish dwell, that’s the key to success for underwater hunters. Cressi’s directional camouflage carbon blade on its Gara Modular free-diving fin not only looks stealthy, but it also delivers a lot of kicking power. The blade is interchangeable, making it an easy fin to travel with. The foot pocket features soft rubber around the foot arch for comfort, and stiffeners on the sides and sole create support and traction. It is offered in four foot-pocket sizes, and can be worn either barefoot or with diving socks.


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IST Sports BCM02 Gamebag

When you find a humungous lobster hiding in a rock reef and you’re lucky enough to snag it, you need someplace to put it. The great thing about IST’s gamebag is that its spring-loaded handle can be activated one-handed
— so while you’re holding your prize
 with one hand, you can squeeze the handle with the other hand, opening the metal-frame mouth and letting you stash your catch. The handle and spring mechanism are stainless steel, and the bag is made of durable 420-denier nylon with a mesh bottom for drainage. It measures 27-by-16 inches and includes a reinforced D-ring for clipping on.


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