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ScubaLab Test Results for the Cressi Ace BC

ScubaLab tested the Cressi Ace BC in the 2017 gear review. Watch the video for test results and product information for this back-inflation BC.

Our team of ScubaLab test divers tried out the Cressi Ace BC to review its comfort, stability and performance for the 2017 ScubaLab BC Review. Test divers used underwater slates to record their notes about the performance of each BC during in-water testing at Blue Grotto Dive Resort in Florida. Test categories included: ease of assembly, ease of loading weights, comfort in the water and at the surface, adjustability, attitude & stability, stowage, valve operation, ascent control and ease of ditching weights.

The back-inflation Cressi Ace BC took home good scores from test divers during in-water testing. With its large waist straps the Ace almost looks like a jacket-style BC, and it took top scores in two areas where jackets typically do better than back-inflates: gear stowage and surface floating position. “Comfortable” and “stable” were words several test divers used to describe the Ace, which also took high score for attitude and stability.

Go to for more info and to locate a Cressi dealer near you. And be sure to read the 2017 ScubaLab BC Review for full test results on the Cressi Ace BC.