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Pristine Paradise: Epic Dive Adventures in Palau

Mind-blowing marine life, pristine reefs, high-octane drift dives, and WWII wrecks await scuba divers in this Pacific island nation.

Embracing the Deep in Chuuk Lagoon

Scuba Diving staffer Candice Landau practices mindfulness below the surface as she explores the somber shipwrecks of Chuuk Lagoon.

Manta Ray Bay Resort and Yap Divers

A stay at this award-winning resort puts everything Yap offers—mantas, sharks, macro critters, blue-water drop-offs and a rich culture—front and center.

The Best Dive Destinations for Advanced Diving

Here's where advanced divers can get their fix from Micronesia to Michigan.

Micronesian Ph.D. Student Becomes First Pacific Islander to Reach Ocean’s Depths

Nicole Yamase, 29, is the third woman to make the 7-mile journey to the sea floor.

Scuba Liveaboard Aids COVID Vaccine Distribution in Truk Lagoon

The M/V *Odyssey*, a scuba diving liveaboard, is functioning as a mobile vaccination clinic for Truk Lagoon, speeding up Micronesian efforts to combat COVID-19.

Six Wrecks to Dive at Night

Night diving allows you to see your favorite wreck in a whole new light — or lack thereof.

Six Great Advanced Scuba Diving Destinations

The best places for advanced scuba divers to go diving, from the Great Lakes to Micronesia.

Where (and When) to Dive with Blacktip Reef Sharks

Diving with blacktip reef sharks takes place all oer