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Video: Diver Meets Playful Seals Off UK Coast

On a dive near the Scilly Isles off the Cornish coast of southwest Great Britain, one videographer had the encounter of a lifetime with Atlantic grey seals. One of the playful pinnipeds approaches diver Gary Grayson, of Salford, UK, and after making sure the man had his attention, the seal rolls over, asking for a belly rub like a friendly puppy.

“This grey seal came across and had five minutes with me, kind of thing. Then another was climbing up my leg,” Grayson told Manchester Evening News. “I’m an experienced diver but I have never known anything like that… I tend to live life on the edge. But this was certainly up there with anything I have ever done.”

While this seal is ready for some love and affection, it's important to remember not to try this on just any dive — you most likely won't have a similar experience.

“[The seal] is part of a colony where divers dive on a regular basis and so the seals have become, obviously, very used to people and allow them very close,” Ally McMillan, director of Seal Rescue Ireland, located in County Wexford, Ireland, told The Huffington Post. “Not all seals are like this, and if approached could well cause harm if they feel threatened due to their large size and very sharp teeth.”

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