Cressi Tao Dry Snorkel | Scuba Diving

Snorkels help us save air at the surface and also work double-duty as essential gear for pursuing a fun pastime when we can't be diving. Cressi's Tao Dry is a dry snorkel that allows divers to take every breath with confidence and to focus on the reef below, without worrying about water in your airway.

Snorkel for Scuba Divers Cressi Tao Dry

The Cressi Tao Dry snorkel comes in a variety of colors, including all black (not pictured).


As the name suggests, the Cressi Tao Dry snorkel does an excellent job keeping water out of its tube for dry breathing at the surface. With its effective splash guard and float mechanism at the top, and an easy-to-use purge valve at the base, the Cressi Tao Dry snorkel performs well and breathes easy — even after you've submerged, making it excellent for freediving. Italian-made to meet high European standards, the Cressi Tao Dry snorkel delivers confidence with every breath you take, and allows you to focus on the underwater world around you.

Product Features

  • Dry-top valve seals breathing tube when submerged
  • Flexible lower bore reduces jaw fatigue
  • High-quality silicone mouthpiece is comfortable and durable
  • Angled mouthpiece reduces jaw fatigue
  • Lower purge valve allows water to be quickly expelled
  • Removable adjustable snorkel keeper for securing to any mask

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