Fusion Fit and Fusion Bullet with Air Core | Scuba Diving
Fusion Fit and Fusion Bullet with Air Core

Fusion Fit and Fusion Bullet with Air Core

Aqua Lung

The Fusion Bullet is engineered for the harshest diving environments while maintaining a level of comfort and flexibility. The super-stretch neoprene outer layer skin allows for ultimate flex while the strategically placed GatorTechTM Armor keeps that skin protected, ensuring durability. The Fusion Fit, sister to the Bullet, is specifically designed and cut for the female form for maximum comfort. Our Patented Twin Layer System pairs both of these drysuits with our new AirCore inner layer. The inner layer makes donning and doffing the Fusion Bullet and Fusion Fit Drysuits a breeze. The AirCore also features a trilaminate breathable material that significantly reduces pre/post dive overheating. Specifically designed to outlast and outperform other breathable drysuits, we challenge you to put these suits to the test.

  • A 3-layer trilaminate, breathable inner layer for warm, dry and comfortable dives.
  • The patented Fusion Twin Layer System adds a protective outer layer for greatly reduced exposure to wear and tear.
  • Our Rapid Zip System (RZ) allows for faster drying and rapid Skin exchanges to meet all of your diving needs and preferences
  • Comes standard with Seal Lock Technology
  • Our AirCore inner layer is available on the Fusion Bullet and Fusion Fit drysuits.