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Divers explore a wreck off the Southern Coast of Oahu.

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Explore Oahu's lively waters with Dive Oahu’s 5 Day Dive Deal! Dive any of Hawaii's "Best Wrecks" voted by Readers Choice Scuba Diving Magazine like the Corsair, Sea Tiger, or YO-257. Relax with “Valet-style” diving, free Waikiki hotel pick-up & drop-off, free gear rental, and snacks & refreshments on the boat. Dive Oahu takes care of everything so you can relax and experience all that Oahu has to offer, above and below the surface!

Detailed Package Information

Wrecks and reefs and night dives, oh my! Relax and live the “Island Life” with “Valet-style” diving. Free Waikiki hotel pick-up & drop-off starts your diving trip off on the right foot. Premier gear rental and set up is provided to give you the flexibility of traveling without your cumbersome gear (No worries if you bring your own; we will set it up for you). Our PADI certified guides will lead you around our world-class dive sites and show you Hawaii’s diverse sea life.

Enjoy unlimited diving of Dive Oahu's active dive charters during your 5-day diving adventure! Dive Oahu offers 3 dive charters a day, that’s 6 dives! The 5-day package guarantees a 7:00 AM wreck & reef dive every day. Our 7:00 AM Wreck and Reef dives include one of Hawaii's "Best Wrecks", voted by Scuba Diving Magazine’s Readers Choice, such as the Corsair, Sea Tiger, and YO-257 (as well as other wrecks) plus a lively reef. In addition to the wreck and reef charter, the unlimited package also gives you access to any Dive Oahu charter running within your 5-day package. Our 10:30 am Shallow Reef Dive includes two shallow reef dives along the southern coast of Oahu. The 5:30 PM Night Dive is a two-tank dive with the first dive at dusk and the second dive in full darkness. No previous night diving experience necessary. With all of these dive options and world class dive sites, Dive Oahu is here to show you what it is like to dive in style! So, come aboard and Dive with Aloha.

All dive charters include Waikiki hotel pick-up & drop-off, premier gear rental, and snacks & refreshments. Each charter is a two-tank dive. Must be 5 consecutive days.

Our 10:30 AM & 5:30 PM charters are subject to minimum diver rations prior to the trip’s departure.

Price $699.05

Number of Days 5

Package Validity - Start Date Mar 1st, 2019

Package Validity - End Date Mar 1st, 2020

Travel must be booked by Mar 1st, 2020

Web Site: diveoahu.com

Booking Email Address shelly@diveoahu.com

Booking Telephone 808-922-3483

Dive Oahu

A diver investigating a wreck finds herself surrounded by fish.

Dive Oahu/Scuba Diving Magazine

Dive Oahu

Two divers exploring swim throughs, rock formations, and more!

Dive Oahu/Scuba Diving Magazine