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SEAC Guru Wrist Diving Computer, Digital 3D Compass, Smartwatch.




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Discover all the features of the new SEAC GURU computer, a real operations center ideal for your underwater adventures and everyday life. In addition to the four operating modes, Air, Nitrox, Gauge, and Free Diving, the innovative integrated wireless air consumption calculation (compatible with the new Wireless Color Code transmitter), the 3D tilt-compensating digital compass and dual time clock, the GAS MIX change function is the most appreciated by those divers who practice technical and/or decompression dives. The long-lasting lithium rechargeable battery does not require frequent and costly replacements since it can be easily recharged with the USB cable included with the computer. A fully charged battery allows up to 25 hours of dive time or up to 2-3 months in non-diving mode. Furthermore, the USB cable can be used to download the logbook and maintain the software updated. The dive data is extremely easy to read in any environment thanks to the 80x80 pixel dot matrix graphic high Brightness LCD display and the backlighting intensity manually adjustable. Conceived in an exclusive Italian design the GURU offers various applications that can be certainly part of your everyday routine such as a stopwatch, altimeter, barometer, weather forecasts, magnetometers, lunar phases. Last but not least, the fitness function shows the great versatility this product offers, it finds use and comes handy during sports activities such as running, workout, hiking. The functions count footsteps, measured paths, speeds, and burned calories will make exercising more fun and stimulating. The Free Diving mode besides producing the depth and the single dive time provides the diver with a number of additional functions. The number of dives taken and maximum depth in the session, surface time elapsed since the last dive and the speed of ascent and descent. Guru is made of high strength techno polymers, a stainless steel ring, and a mineral crystal. A special committee has been put into the development of the menu system that allows the diver to access the settings in a simple and intuitive way.

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