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SEAC Pro 2000 BCD Buoyancy Compensator.




Product Features:

The new Pro 2000, the iconic model responsible for SEAC’s success, is enhanced with renewed details and functions starting right from the bladder inflation system, which remains one of its main and most distinctive features. This model is equipped with a 3D wedge positioned differently than the previous one to provide thrust from below to optimize trim and buoyancy during the dive and better support the weight of the tank with less fatigue for your back. In addition, we have updated the class Frame to Back system for anchoring the shoulder straps to the back that makes the behavior of the bladder completely independent. The new AHS, Adjustment Harness System, emphasizes this characteristic even more and improves it, especially in terms of convenience and functionality. The same objective was achieved by making a change to the weight pocket housing with Q&S system, which is pre-angled and oriented to make it easy to insert and remove weights. Starting in size L, each pocket can take up to 6 kg (13 lbs). Much attention was also paid to the choice of materials and the design of the details: pockets and shoulder straps made of Cordura 1000 for maximum strength, eyelets for inserting the knife, hidden backup pocket, Trim Weight Pocket positioned on the tank retaining strap, and pre-shaped back cover with Tank Protection Pad.

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