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Designed for the tropics, the ultra-comfortable Sport 2.5mm is the perfect choice for divers looking for a wetsuit that is warm, easy to put on and take off, fits like a second skin, and looks stylish.


Sport Steamer 2.5mm, Men's


Product Features:

Eliminating diver discomfort is what SCUBAPRO’s line of Sport suits excels at. Made from a special neoprene with a wider-weave nylon layer that delivers more softness and flexibility than standard neoprene, Sport suits are comfortable and extremely easy to climb in and out of while reducing feelings of restriction.

Sport suits also feature a triathlon cut that provides lots of range of motion in the shoulder and arm areas for maximum freedom of movement on the boat and in the water. Plus, the interiors are lined with a plush material that feels so good against the skin you won't ever want to take these suits off.

This year’s 2nd generation Sport suits have been updated with new features and a fresh look, a vertical-cut rear zipper and a hood hook on the right hip. Available in three thicknesses -- 7mm, 5mm & 2.5mm to meet a wide range of water temperatures, the Sport 2.5mm is an ultra-comfortable dive suit designed for the tropics. Its plush-backed wrist and ankle cuffs are comfortable and make donning and doffing easy. The interior is also lined with a plush material that enhances comfort, increases warmth and dries quickly.

Made with high-stretch X-Foam, a petroleum-free, limestone neoprene, and assembled with solvent-free Aqua glue, a 100 percent green process, the Sport 2.5mm is a great choice 
for new divers and first-time suit buyers looking for dependable thermal protection in a wetsuit that is warm, comfortable, easy to wear and eco-friendly. The Sport is available for men S-3XL in black/yellow & black/blue and women XS-2XL in black/purple in three thicknesses 7mm, 5mm & 2.5mm.

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