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Eric Douglas

Eric Douglas is an author and journalist known for his thriller novels with scuba diving, environment and ocean themes. He has been a dive instructor and a diver medic and worked for PADI, DAN and has written training articles for Scuba Diving since 2008.
He is also documentarian writing stories about Moskito Indians who scuba dive for lobster and photographing Russia after the Soviet Union broke up.

What Does It Mean When You Have Post-Dive Ear Pain?

Ear pain after a dive can signify bigger problems that shouldn't be ignored. Here's what can cause that pain—and where to seek treatment.

How Important Is Your Dive Medical Questionnaire?

New divers might be especially eager to don their fins and get in the water, but scuba diving should never be rushed. Here's why it's important to thoroughly handle all pre-dive preparations—including accurately filling out your medical questionnaire.

What to Do If You Have a Rash After Scuba Diving

Experiencing a rash post-diving can be a sign of decompression illness. Learn from one diver's experience on how to stay safe diving.

The Risks of Forgoing Drysuit Training

Learn from one diver's tragic mistake of not properly training before diving in new equipment.

Lessons for Life: Dangers of Diving With a Cold

Diving despite having a cold may seem enticing when you are on a trip to a beautiful destination, but one diver's firsthand experience is a cautionary tale of the risks associated with ascending too quickly and diving while under the weather.

A Close Encounter With a Dive Boat Propeller

When diving where boats may be active, you need to take extra precautions to protect yourself. Here’s how one diver learned their lesson—and how you can avoid making a similar mistake.

What to Do When You Overheat While Diving

Failing to stay alert can create a lot of problems in the water. Here’s what happened when one diver ignored the signs of overheating and attempted to dive.

Lessons for Life: Getting Decompression Sickness

Decompression sickness can happen to anyone, no matter how safe of a diver you are. Knowing what to look for and how to respond can save a life.

Lessons for Life: Respect the Wreck

Desire for underwater accolades leads to poor decisions.