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Top 10 Articles of 2012

10.** ScubaLab: 9 BCs to Help You Achieve Maximum Comfort Sure, there might be other dive gear deemed more important to basic survival (a reg) or your general well-being (a dive computer) than a BC. But when it comes to being able to comfortably acclimate to being underwater the BC is the most important component of your kit. Read more…| |

9.** ScubaLab 2012: In Search of the Perfect Fin This year’s test evaluated 15 new or never-before-reviewed fins — eight open-heels and seven full-foots — to find out how these kickers stacked up against one another in terms of features, in-water performance and price. Read more...| |

  1. Breathe Easy: ScubaLab Tests 13 New Dive Regulators **ScubaLab tests more equipment and collects more data than anybody in diving, and the annual regulator evaluation is our test team’s favorite. This year, nine brands sent 13 new or redesigned models to be tested. Read more…| |
  1. 8th Annual 2012 Through Your Lens Photo Contest Winner Showcase** Our annual photography competition showcases underwater images in four categories: macro, wide-angle, divers and behavior. We were blown away by submissions from shooters across the globe.Read more...| |
  1. ScubaLab Tests 11 Hot Dive Computers** We collected 11 new and redesigned models, and tested them in our ScubaLab shop and at Blue Grotto in Williston, Florida. Read more...| |
  1. At Play in the Florida Swamps: Diving Peacock Springs** Peering down at the surface of Orange Grove Sink, you might wonder why anyone would ever consider taking a leap of faith into the primordial soup of this north Florida swampland. On a good day you have to reckon with the messy green duckweed; on others, you have to do it eye to eye with a menacing alligator. Read more…| |
  1. 15 Top Cold-Water Dive Sites Around the World** Think the world’s best diving happens only on tropical reefs? Think again. Many of the wildest underwater thrills on the planet happen far from the equator. Zip on a drysuit and dive in with us as we showcase 15 of the world’s best cold-water dives. Read more… | |
  1. Take a Look: Scuba Diving magazine's 2012 "LOOK" pages** We've taken the images chosen for each Look section from the 2012 issues and rounded them up for your viewing pleasure. Which is your favorite? Read more…| |
  1. 26 Must-Have Tools for a Safe Dive** Diving is the best sport in the world, but like all high-adrenaline activities, things can sometimes go sideways. When they do, your level of preparation can make all the difference. Here are 26 must-have tools for building a safety cushion into your dive plan. Read more…| |
  1. 2012 Top 100 Readers' Choice Awards** Since 1994, we’ve turned to our readers to rate dozens of destinations to determine Scuba Diving’s exclusive Top 100 Readers’ Choice Awards and Gold List. Here, we delve into the best places on the planet to find pulse-pounding big animals, deep walls, massive wrecks and more. Read more...|