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Scuba Diving Training

Learn about scuba diving skills, trainings, certifications and lessons on how to make your scuba bottom time safe, fun and lasting! Also, see what it's like to scuba dive in crazy situations, read our Lessons for Life, get underwater photography tutorials and check out expert scuba dive hacks for any and every dive condition.

Ask a Pro Photographer: How to Capture the Perfect Shot

In the first edition of “Ask a Pro Photographer,”  Jay Clue shares how knowing your subject’s habits and behaviors can lead to stunning photos.

Expert Alex Mustard Shares His Secrets on How to Photograph Dolphins in the Wild

Dolphin encounters can be tough to photograph because they are unpredictable and highly variable, but few subjects will be so warmly appreciated by your friends.

Ask DAN: How do I shore dive safely?

Everything you need to know to prepare for your next shore dive.

Recent Articles

Behind the (Underwater) Scenes: What it Takes to Be an Underwater Videographer for Netflix

The diving world is filled with people who have carved out unique careers for themselves as divers. Learn how this Canadian built her own film and water safety company for movies and TV shows.

Lessons for Life: Getting Decompression Sickness

Decompression sickness can happen to anyone, no matter how safe of a diver you are. Knowing what to look for and how to respond can save a life.

The Art of Breathing Underwater

Learn new tips from expert Annie Crawley on how your diving will change for the better when you become aware of your breath.

Groundbreaking Depths: What It's Like to Work in the World's Deepest Pool

Hear from celebrity dive guide, tec instructor and media guru for the world’s deepest pool.

Lessons for Life: Respect the Wreck

Desire for underwater accolades leads to poor decisions.

Everything You Need to Know About Diving from a Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat

Don't rock the boat! A guide to what you need to know before diving off a rigid hull inflatable boat.

Tuna, Mercury and Bioaccumulation: Have Humans Made it Worse?

In this edition of “Ask a Marine Biologist,” Dr. David Shiffman explains the health reasons behind limiting how much apex predator you eat.