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Everything you need to know about scuba diving gear, all in one place. In addition to the latest product releases from dive equipment manufacturers like Cressi, Mares, Oceanic, Scubapro and more, make sure to check out the latest gear reviews from ScubaLab. Eight times per year, our ScubaLab team puts the latest regulators, BCs, dive computers, masks, fins, snorkels, knives, wetsuits and other gear items through a lab and in-water test to objectively review each brand tested.

2018 Scuba Diving Gear Reviews

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ScubaLab works hard to keep you updated on the latest and greatest scuba diving gear. We've been examining gear, compiling data and offering divers the most complete, unbiased reviews in the dive industry for over 20 years. ScubaLab reviews gear by putting it through two phases of rigorous testing. First the gear is put through a range of objective tests using sophisticated equipment like breathing machines, hyperbaric chambers, test pools and speedometers. Then ScubaLab employs a team of experienced divers to take the gear into the water and test how it performs in the field.

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