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  • Oman Aggressor

    With the amenities of a luxury liveaboard yacht and dive sites all to yourself, a trip aboard Oman Aggressor delivers the goods.

    The luxury liveaboard Oman Aggressor offers access to pristine Oman scuba diving sites and the luxury of a top-tier dive experience.


  • Macro Diving
    Scuba Diving magazine's readers voted on the best dive destinations for marco marine life, spanning from Bali to the Great Barrier Reef.
  • Manta Whip Coral

    Raja Ampat features some of the best scuba diving sites in the world, with abundant life from soft corals to tiny fish to large pelagics.

    Our travel guide to the best scuba diving in Raja Ampat features the top dive sites, dive conditions in Raja Ampat, how to get to Raja Ampat and more.
  • Banda Sea Cup Coral

    The Forgotten Islands offer scuba divers a remote getaway with rare critters and stunning coral terrain.

    Our travel guide to the best scuba diving in the Forgotten Islands covers the diving conditions in the Banda Sea, the best dive sites in the Forgotten Islands, how to…
  • Village kids posing

    Flores and Alor offer colorful walls and pinnacles buzzing with life, along with sandy slopes hiding macro treasures.

    Our travel guide to the best scuba diving in Flores and Alor covers the diving conditions in Flores and Alor, the best dive sites, travel tips and more.