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  • sea angel

    A dive team seeking fantastic beasts and where to find them discovers the answers in Russia's White Sea.

    A team of scuba divers from Russia explores under the ice to find sea angels in the chilly White Sea.
  • Eagle Rays swimming across the sea floor

    From Puerto Rico to Guanaja, these islands offer vintage Caribbean diving.

    These six gems—from Puerto Rico to Guanaja—are the best under-the-radar Caribbean islands for scuba diving.
  • Painted stones mark Bonaire shore-diving sites

    There's nothing quite like being able to walk up to your favorite dive site—the shore shines in these destinations from the 2019 Scuba Diving Readers Choice Awards.

    Scuba Diving's readers made their picks for the best destinations for shore diving in the world, including Bonaire, Hawaii and more.
  • Macro Diving
    Scuba Diving magazine's readers voted on the best dive destinations for marco marine life, spanning from Bali to the Great Barrier Reef.