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  • cold water diving

    Cold-water diving is totally worth the extra effort — if you do it right.

    From the preserved ­shipwrecks of the Great Lakes to the critter-­filled currents of British Columbia, the kelp forests of California, the wreck graveyards of Scotland’s…
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    Adobe Lightroom Classic vs. Lightroom CC features comparison and how to choose the right version of Lightroom.


  • Cayman Islands

    What's not to love? Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac offer sublime wall diving, clear visibility, healthy reefs, wreck diving and easy shore diving.

    Discover a wealth of fun activities in Grand Cayman. Savor the solitude in Little Cayman. Explore Cayman Brac’s natural beauty.
  • bonaire diving

    Unimited shore diving, macro life, beginner-friendly dives and services that cater to advanced divers make this Caribbean charmer a true haven for total diver freedom.

    Bonaire’s national marine park is among the best in the world. The payoff for divers? Healthy reefs that are jampacked with tropical reef fish.
  • bahamas hammerhead

    Sheer walls, shallow beginner sites and a wealth of marine life rank this budget-friendly divers' gem as perennial favorite.

    Sheer walls, shallow beginner sites and a wealth of marine life rank the Bahamas as a budget‑friendly divers’ gem and a perennial favorite.
  • indonesia diving

    Get wowed by whale sharks, mantas and more macro life than you knew existed.

    The quality of magical ­encounters that divers have in ­Indonesia is reflected in the island country’s numerous Scuba Diving magazine ­Readers Choice awards.