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Epic Shark Feeding in the Bahamas

If you’re looking for the thrill of a lifetime, you’ll want to head for the Shark Arena where Stuart Cove’s world-renowned shark experts promise an experience you’ll never forget.

Isla de la Plata: Ecuador’s Best-Kept Secret

Discover Isla de la Plata, a unique scuba-diving destination just an hour away by boat from the coast of Ecuador, where you can see whales, oceanic manta rays, whale sharks, sea turtles and sea lio

Join the Pelagic Party in Byron Bay, Australia

On Australia’s most easterly point, Nguthungulli Julian Rocks is a lesser-known spot with some of the best diving in Australia.

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Megafauna vs. Microcritters: Which Is More Popular?

Who wins the competition to capture the attention of divers the most? Charismatic megafauna may seem like the obvious answer, but don’t discount the captivating allure of microcritters.

Guide to Diving in Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary

Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary, often described as the “Galapagos of North America,” is home to incredible marine wildlife, kelp forests, and maritime heritage artifacts, and contains waters that sustained Chumash people since time immemorial.

Sea Cucumbers: Everything There Is to Know

In this edition of “Ask a Marine Biologist,” Dr. David Shiffman discusses one of the ocean’s most likable echinoderm.

An Unexpected Friendship With Vermillion Rockfish

Personalities abound underwater—if you’re paying attention. See how one scientist changed their approach to navigating the depths by starting to think of fauna as friendly encounters, not just subjects to be documented.

Protecting Texas’ Barrier Island Sea Turtles

Sea Turtle, Inc., is on a decades-long mission to protect the South Padre Island turtle population from threats to their nesting grounds and more.

The Warriors Fighting to Save Florida's Dying Corals

Corals in the Florida Keys are being ravaged by warming waters, diseases, overfishing, storms and more. Here's how some people are banding together to give them a fighting chance.

Why We’re Suckers for Becoming an Octopus’s Student

Few ocean critters are more charismatic than captivating cephalopods—squid, octopuses, cuttlefishes, nautiluses—and as divers, we can't get enough.