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What Remains Unknown About the Deep Sea?

The latest "Ask a Marine Biologist" 

Dive for a Cause: Celebrate PADI AWARE Week this September

Get ready for a week of ocean action and adventure this September 16 to 24

Peep Show: Dive with Hundreds of Thousands of Spawning Cuttlefish in South Australia

The typically inconspicuous giant Australian cuttlefish puts on a spicy performance during mating season 

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What Can Divers Do to Help With Ocean Plastic Pollution?

In this edition of “Ask a Marine Biologist,” Dr. David Shiffman shares what individuals can do to help fight the scourge of ocean pollution.

Cabo’s Other Wild Side: Swimming with Blue and Mako Sharks

Wildlife photographer and writer Brandon Cole takes you on a thrilling ride into Cabo's wildest adventure; diving with sharks.


What It's Like to Create an Underwater Museum in Minecraft

The Underwater Museum in Minecraft is a photography exhibition about the Peruvian Sea installed inside the videogame. The objective is to educate new generations about the great biodiversity of northern Peru through an immersive experience and thematic galleries.



Youth in Action: DiveN2Life Inspires the Next Gen

The next generation of marine conservationists find their calling through DiveN2Life.

6 Books Sure to Inspire Divers to Read, Act and Conserve

The perfect read for your surface interval this summer.

Minorities in Shark Sciences Makes Marine Biology and Conservation Accessible to All

This month's organizations divers should know highlights Minorities in Shark Sciences. MISS provides community and professional development opportunities and internships to people historically excluded from ocean science.