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Cressi-sub was founded in 1946 by Egidio and Nanni Cressi, two men who loved the sea. These two pioneers actively participated in the evolution of the world of scuba diving, and helped transform it into the beautiful sport we know and enjoy today.

In the beginning, the company was small and products were pratically made hand by the two brothers. The company churned out one product after another, evolving and improving over the years, allowing these products to make modern scuba diving history, and to enter the scuba diving hall of fame. During those early days, the sea was feared, and scuba divers were considered fool-hearthed, adventuresome souls. Neverthless, all the equipment was personally tested by the two brothers, who made changes based on their "in the field" tests out in the sea.

Underwater tests in the sea and experience are still the indispensable company standards that are adopted for all equipment, from the simplest to the most complex. Any new product, even if designed by computer and advanced machinery must pass the test of extensive use in the sea, before it appears on the pages of this catalog. This is the philosophy of Antonio Cressi, who pratically grew up in the company, and who carries on the tradition and passion of his father and uncle. Antonio also has the same love for each new product, and he is blessed with the same sense of critical analysis that he used during the strict tests he personally carries out in the sea.

Today, the Cressi-sub factory covers 16.000 sq. covered meters, and has advanced molding machines with robotic production systems. It also boasts a highly specialized D&D office equipped with the most sophisticates computers, and a wetsuit department, where custom-tailored quality is achieveded through a highly accurate cutting phase, and a focus on comfortable fit. Cressi-sub has worldwide distribution and recognition through its branch offices in America, Spain and France, and the entire company is 100% Italian owned. In fac, it is the only Italian company in the diving industry that is family owned, 100%.

Cressi has always assisted athletes in striving to beat their own records in the free diving challenge, down to the last breath. Records, however, are not merely an exciting sports event, but contribute scientifically to the studies of human behavior in deep sea breath-hold diving. They are essential on a technical level because they provide extremely useful information in developing materials and products, which must constantly improve in order for athletes to achieve more ambitious objectives. Cress-sub has been there from the early experiences with the grat Jacques Mayol, the precursor who applied yoga techniques in sport, and with the successes of Angela Bandini, he first women to have beaten a man in the sport. We've been there through the achievements of Umberto Pellizzari, the worthy heir of Mayol, and with Deborah Andollo, who holds all current women's records. Throughout the succession of results, Cressi products have also proven to be a winners, alongside these extraordinary athletes and their team.

Pelizzari's team, directed by Massimo Giudicelli, reached a depth of nearly 150 meters with Cressi-sub equipment, while Deborah Andollo's team, directed by Omar Oramas, rached a depth of 115 meters with the same equipment. We are extremely proud of these results because they confirm the validity of our tests, and allow us to introduce outstanding technical products that are ideal for use by professionals and amtteurs. In the best tradition of "made in italy" style, Cressi products have always been considered a point of references to others, due to our avant-garde designs, which combine elegance and technological firsts.


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