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NAUI’s Technical Diving Training

Once you’ve experienced the fun and adventure of the underwater world, you’ll be craving more. With a variety of continuing education courses, NAUI Worldwide will help you explore the thrills and excitement that await with advanced training.

NAUI’s Advanced Diver program is open to certified divers of any agency. This developmental course focuses on building experience in a wide range of diving conditions. The Scuba Rescue Diver course builds on your ability to handle in-water problems and assist with emergencies. NAUI’s most intense recreational certification is the Master Scuba Diver course. It establishes you as one of the most respected divers around.

Interested in a particular aspect of diving like wreck diving, ice diving or dry suit diving? NAUI’s got a course for that, and more, too. As the industry's largest Not-For-Profit Certification agency, NAUI focuses its training on fully developing scuba divers.

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