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Brownie's Third Lung Bright Weights

Using a specially designed weight belt with slots
to insert multiple coated 1.1 pound “slugs,”
the Bright weighting system allows users to evenly adjust weight across the body.

AKONA Less Than 9LBS and Less Than 7LBS Bag

These lightweight roller bags have a sleek, low-profile design and capacity for a full set of dive gear.

AKONA Huron LT Mesh Backpack

Made with lightweight mesh and tarpaulin, this backpack is a durable and efficient way to transport diving gear and allows for easy cleaning and drying.

AKONA Huron DX Deluxe Mesh Backpack

This spacious backpack is constructed with durable coated mesh.

AKONA Surface Marker Buoy

This bright-orange marker buoy measures 6 feet tall and 6 inches in diameter. It can be inflated orally or via a second stage scuba regulator.

AKONA Finger Spool

This is a simple, no-fuss option for a navigational aid for underwater exploration or a reel for DSMB deployment.

AKONA Aluminum Finger Spool

Made of corrosion-resistant aluminum, these finger spools are lightweight and reliable tools for underwater navigation or DSMB deployment.

Stahlsac Drylite

Available in multiple colors and sizes, the Drylite dry bag is waterproof and 100 percent submersible.

STAHLSAC Abyss Duffel

The waterproof construction of this heavy-duty duffel keeps dry items protected from the elements, or it can effectively contain damp gear during the journey home.