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Ask DAN: How do I shore dive safely?

Everything you need to know to prepare for your next shore dive.

Ask DAN: When can I go to altitude after diving?

Understanding how pressure affects the body is essential for developing, interpreting, and applying safety precautions when scuba diving.

ASK DAN: How Does Heart Health Impact My Diving?

By adopting a physically active lifestyle, and maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system divers can reduce the risk of potential complications and fully embrace the wonders of exploring the underwater world.

Ask DAN: How Can I Stay Warmer Underwater?

Preparing for cold temperatures is important when getting ready for dives.

ASK DAN: How Can I Minimize My Decompression Stress?

Factors to review to prevent decompression sickness (DCS).

Ask DAN: What Should I Know About Oxygen Toxicity?

Everything you always wanted to know about oxygen toxicity, including what's happening as well as signs and symptoms.

Ask DAN: Can I Return to Diving After Surgery

Resuming diving after surgery should be assessed on a case-by-case basis and depends on complete recovery. Your surgical incisions need to be completely healed, and any complications, such as infections, must be resolved.

ASK DAN: What should I do before and after diving to avoid accidents?

ASK DAN: What should I do before and after diving to avoid accidents?

ASK DAN: What Are Some Hazards Of Poor Buoyancy Control?

A diver’s buoyancy is dynamic, constantly altered by pressure as the diver ascends and descends.