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Dive Comptuers

The Perdix 2 Dive Computer: What You Need to Know

The Shearwater Perdix 2 dive computer is a highly capable and advanced tool that is ideal for divers looking for a reliable and accurate dive computer to help them safely explore the underwater world.

TUSA Solar Link IQ1204

Powered by light, the eco-friendly Solar Link never requires new batteries.

Genesis Graviton

This wrist-style computer is a high-performance device featuring a color screen, GPS functionality and vibrating haptic feedback

Oceanic + Console

This lightweight console boot converts the Apple Watch Ultra into a console dive computer using the Oceanic+ app.

Oceanic Oceanic + App

This exclusive app transforms the Apple Watch Ultra into a full-fledged dive computer, complete with digital compass, nitrox compatibility and adjustable alarms with haptic alerts.

Oceanic Geo Air

This addition to the Geo line adds a model with wireless air integration.

ScubaPro G2 TEK

This update to the G2 was designed with tec divers in mind, and now utilizes a Gradient Factor algorithm (ZH-L16 GF).

Garmin Inreach Messenger

This satellite communicator allows you to keep
in contact with friends and family
traveling abroad to exotic destinations, no matter where you are.

Garmin Descent G1

Lightweight, with a compact 45.5 mm case size, this dive watch uses a high contrast
monochrome display to clearly present dive data and offers up to 25 hours of run time in dive