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Your First Set of Scuba Gear: A Buyer's Guide

What divers need to know, regulator to fins, to get the scuba gear that's right for you.

GULL Super Mew Fin

Utilizing a specially designed blade tip, this midsize full-foot fin offers the low-effort kick of a smaller fin, but moves a large volume of water with each stroke for optimal propulsion

Scubapro Seawing Supernova

The Scubapro Seawing Supernova fin maximizes speed and power by automatically adjusting the angle of attack to provide easy kicking at low speeds and extra power when needed.

Scubapro Go Sport

These capable, easy-traveling fins are ready for any diving adventure.

IST Sports Safari

Made of soft, lightweight rubber, the Safari weights just 1.8 pounds in size medium/large.

SEAC U-1000

Made in Italy from a special thermoplastic polymer, the long, supple blade of the U-1000 is designed to flex precisely to capture a large amount of water, producing maximum thrust with every kick.