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Florida Keys

Tiny Yet Stunning: Best Destinations to Dive for Macro Life

Where to be wowed by all things Lilliputian

An Unforgettable Dive: A Cry for Corals

Scuba divers love to share their favorite tips and tales from dive trips. This column highlights some of those. Coral lover JD Reinbott recalls a haunting dive on a bleaching coral reef during the 2023 mass bleaching event.

Unprecedented Mass-Bleaching and Significant Coral Mortality in the Florida Keys

An unprecedented marine heat wave has triggered a catastrophic mass-bleaching event on the Florida Reef Tract. The Keys’ coral reef ecosystem is suffering intense, quick bleaching and/or dieoff of corals, sponges, anemones and other marine life.

A Wreck Like No Other: Diving Into the Transatlantic Slave Trade

Kamau Sadiki describes the “intense” experience of diving on the last known slave ship to bring captured Africans into the United States, entering the spaces they lived and suffered in. He helps share their stories over a century later.

Where To Plan Your Next Scuba Vacation

Vanuata. Florida Keys. Roatan. Planning a trip to one of these dive hotspots? Here’s what you need to know. Featuring insight from locals, tips for timing seasonal experiences, and the scoop on favorite dive sites, as well as some lesser-known sites you’ll want on your radar too.

Shark Awareness Course in the Florida Keys

Visit the beautiful town of Islamorada in the heart of the Florida Keys and Learn about how important the sharks role is to our eco system, and dive with our local, friendly nurse sharks and earn your PADI AWARE Shark Conservation Specialty

New Divers Find a Sweet Spot at Donut Hole in the Middle Keys

This ring-shaped patch reef off Marathon offers all the ingredients for a shallow and spectacular dive

Hen and Chickens

Hen and Chickens

Diving the Adolphus Busch Sr. on Big Pine Key

The former island freighter, which had a brief movie career, is now one of the marquee attractions along the Florida Keys Wreck Trek