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The Best Scuba Regulators of 2023 Reviewed

Breathe Easy; ScubaLab tests eight new scuba regulators so you can relax now, dive later.

Brownie's Third Lung Bright Weights

Using a specially designed weight belt with slots
to insert multiple coated 1.1 pound “slugs,”
the Bright weighting system allows users to evenly adjust weight across the body.


This new high-performance reg is equipped with a low-resistance demand system and an ultralight second stage.

TUSA Solar Link IQ1204

Powered by light, the eco-friendly Solar Link never requires new batteries.

Genesis Graviton

This wrist-style computer is a high-performance device featuring a color screen, GPS functionality and vibrating haptic feedback

AKONA Quantum Stretch 7 MM

Made of super-stretchy neoprene, this wetsuit hugs the body like a glove, keeping water entry and flushing to a minimum without restricting flexibility

AKONA Less Than 9LBS and Less Than 7LBS Bag

These lightweight roller bags have a sleek, low-profile design and capacity for a full set of dive gear.

AKONA Huron LT Mesh Backpack

Made with lightweight mesh and tarpaulin, this backpack is a durable and efficient way to transport diving gear and allows for easy cleaning and drying.

AKONA Huron DX Deluxe Mesh Backpack

This spacious backpack is constructed with durable coated mesh.