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Ask a Pro Photographer: How to Capture the Perfect Shot

In the first edition of “Ask a Pro Photographer,”  Jay Clue shares how knowing your subject’s habits and behaviors can lead to stunning photos. Learn how to submit your questions about photography, cinematography and storytelling for Clue to answer.

Expert Alex Mustard Shares His Secrets on How to Photograph Dolphins in the Wild

Dolphin encounters can be tough to photograph because they are unpredictable and highly variable, but few subjects will be so warmly appreciated by your friends. Learn from expert Alex Mustard the best tips and tricks for photographing dolphins.

Cabo’s Other Wild Side: Swimming with Blue and Mako Sharks

Wildlife photographer and writer Brandon Cole takes you on a thrilling ride into Cabo's wildest adventure; diving with sharks.


Shrimp in the Spotlight: Making Crustacean Photo Magic

Tips and tricks on how to photograph shrimp.

Winged Wonders: Making the Most of Magical Manta Encounters

Photo expert Alex Mustard shares his tips and tricks on how to photograph stunning images of manta rays.

How This Award-winning Underwater Photographer Got His Start by Volunteering

Be inspired by Joe Daniels's journey from volunteering on a marine base to becoming a professional underwater photographer.

The Future of AI Editing and Underwater Photography

A brief overview of the new Generative Fill (AI) feature in Adobe Photoshop and three ways it can be used to edit underwater photos, closing with a few thoughts on AI and the future of underwater photography.

H2Organisms: Exploring the Intricate World Below the Surface

Take a deep dive into learning about the gelatinous animals that make for a wondrous, watery world.

An Unforgettable Dive: Learning What It Takes to Get “the Shot” of a Great White Shark

Scuba divers love to share their favorite tips and tails from dive trips. This column highlights some of those. Ace underwater photographer Stephen Frink has an amusing story about what it takes to get “the shot” of a great white shark.