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How to Choose Between Rebreather Styles

Join PADI Pro Jay Clue as he explores the differences between chestmount, backmount and sidemount closed-circuit rebreathers and his suggestions for choosing your first style of rebreather.

Rebreathers 101

Dive professional Jay Clue takes a deep dive into understanding the benefits and potential drawbacks of getting into closed-circuit rebreather diving.

My Introduction to Diving a Rebreather

Introducing a new monthly column following expert Jay Clue’s journey into the world of rebreather diving, sharing the best tips and info he has learned along the way.

A Navy Sailor Died Scuba Diving. Now His Widow Dives to Share His Story.

Ashely Bugge frequently dives her husband’s reef memorial, runs a podcast, and shares his rebreathing accident in a safety documentary to honor his vivacious life.

Marine Archaeologists Excavate Greek Antikythera Shipwreck

Archaeologists excavating the famous ancient Greek shipwreck that yielded the Antikythera mechanism have recovered more than 50 items including a bronze armrest (possibly part of a throne), remains of a bone flute, fine glassware, luxury ceramics, a pawn from an ancient board game, and several elements of the ship itself.

What It's Like to Have an Insane Animal Encounter on a Rebreather

Scuba divers on closed-circuit rebreathers can enjoy several perks, such as this close-up experience with a hammerhead shark.

How to Tell if Closed-Circuit Rebreather Diving is Right for You

Is closed-circuit rebreather diving right for you? Here's how to decide if you should take a rebreather training course.

Hollis Explorer Rebreather

The unit is neither a fully closed circuit Rebreather nor a pure semi-closed system, but an intelligent hybrid that utilizes the best of both worlds. Its compact, lightweight and extremely easy to use.

Navy's New Deep Scuba Diving Helmet Prototype Will Conserve More Helium

The U.S. Navy is at it again! Check out the new rebreather prototype that saves helium and saves money.