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Diving Paradise: A Guide to Scuba Diving in the Seychelles

A guide to diving in the Seychelles focusing on the three main islands of Mahe, Praslin and La Digue as well as things to do topside.

Tourism Restrictions Strain Marine Protected Areas Amid Global Push for Expansion

Lost tourism revenue is hurting marine protected areas around the world. Ocean experts say this is a reason to increase government investment in nature reserves.

Inside The Nature Conservancy’s Effort to Create Marine Protected Areas Around the World

Based on a successful project in the Seychelles, the Nature Conservancy aims to use debt-for-nature swaps to increase the amount of ocean protected by 15 percent, helping 20 countries establish marine protected areas.

13 UNESCO World Heritage Sites You Can Dive

The UNESCO world heritage list comprises more than 1,000 spots — and these 13 are diveable.

Top 10 Most-Epic Shark Dives, No Cage Needed

We asked photographers for their favorite shark dives: So skip the cage and dive with great whites, blue sharks, hammerheads, bull sharks and more species.