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10 Best New 5 mm Wetsuits

The perfect wetsuit combines warmth, comfort and style so you look and feel good on every dive. Our team of testers put these new suits to the test to see which performs the best.

Sherwood Topographic Targa and Onyx

Sherwood’s best-selling Targa mask and classic J-style Onyx snorkel are available with stylish topographic patterns.

Sherwood Axis

The redesigned Axis offers the same comfortable fit and stable back-inflation buoyancy control as the original with a new fresh look.

Sherwood Luna

Designed for female divers, the Luna got a makeover designed to enhance comfort, functionality and style.

Sherwood Logic

Designed to meet the needs of any recreational diver, this nitrox-compatible computer has a clear, readable screen, straightforward menus with a user-friendly interface, and a depth-rating of 300 feet/100 meters

Sherwood Mimic

Offered in two different sizes, the Mimic and Mimic Slim provide a comfortable, leak-free seal, even for divers with narrower faces

Sherwood CETO

This wide-view single-lens model offers all the advantages of a frameless mask with a comfortable silicone skirt, but that’s not all. Along with a clear lens, special lens options are available to enhance diving in dark or low-light conditions.

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