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AKONA Quantum Stretch 7 MM

Made of super-stretchy neoprene, this wetsuit hugs the body like a glove, keeping water entry and flushing to a minimum without restricting flexibility

Sherwood Marine Conservation 5MM Wetsuit

This Quantum Stretch 5 mm wetsuit from Sherwood Scuba is incredibly comfortable and flexible.

ScubaPro Everflex Yulex 3 MM Top/Pant

This matching set is made with Yulex dive material, a plant-based foam made from FSC-certified natural rubber.

ScubaPro Everflex Yulex Dive Hooded Vest, 2 MM

Made of Yulex dive material, a plant-based alternative to neoprene, made from FSC-certified natural rubber, this vest can be layered or worn alone.

ScubaPro Definition Top, 1 MM

This long-sleeve top is made with limestone-based neoprene and lined with super-elastic nylon.

ScubaPro Sport Steamer, 0.5 MM

The elastic neoprene and triathlon-style cut of this lightweight suit provide a natural freedom of movement that doesn’t restrict or bind.

ScubaPro Everflex Yulex Dive Steamer

This plant-based, neoprene-free Yulex dive material is made from FSC-certified natural rubber and is formulated to resist wetsuit compression.

ScubaPro Definition Steamer, 1 MM

Made of lightweight 1 mm limestone-based neoprene, this suit can be layered underneath other exposure gear or worn by itself in warmer water.

IST Sports 5mm Titanium Boots

Crafted from durable 5 mm titanium, with a comfortable spandex lining, these boots provide
supreme warmth and protection.