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Author Spotlight: Sophie van der Stap

Author Sophie van der Stap provides a glimpse into her passion for the ocean and what she hopes her readers, regardless of age, will take away from her recent books.

How Black in Marine Science Is Making Waves in the Scuba Diving World

Since 2020, Dr. Tiara Moore has relied on Black in Marine Science (BIMS) to help bring diversity to the industry by introducing young Black students to scuba diving and putting them on the path to certification.

A Diver’s Guide to the World: Exploring Above and Beneath the Surface

Dive travel experts Carrie Miller and Chris Taylor journeyed to 50 inspirational locations around the world, spending more than 250 hours underwater, to create their unique guidebook.

Perks of Exploring Socorro With a Dive Club

Dive clubs are a great way to expand your dive community, skills and experience. Follow along with one diver as she joins one of the world's largest dive clubs for an excursion off the coast of Baja California Sur.

Adventure for Divers Is Everywhere

Divers rarely have to look far for an adventure—when you spend so much time underwater, the adventure comes to you, whether in your own backyard or some far-flung destination.

Oceanographer Antonio Mignucci Named January Sea Hero

Oceanographer and college professor Antonio Mignucci is named January Sea Hero of the Month for his commitment to conservation and community mentorship

PADI Club Member Spotlight: Chrisie Johnson

Chrisie Johnson, a travel nurse currently based in Hawaii, is the first PADI Club member we are spotlighting. Learn more about Chrisie and what it means to be a Club member.

Life Gets Stressful; Diving Can Help

Scuba diving offers many benefits that align with recommended stress mitigation strategies, including deep breathing, regular exercise, time away from screens, meditation and connection with others.

PADI Club Member’s Trip: Ambergris Caye, Belize

One of the many benefits of being a PADI Club member is getting to dive with other members. In July 2023, a group met in Ambergris Caye, Belize, for a weeklong trip packed with diving. These are some of their favorite memories.