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11 Great Scuba Diving Fins in 2022

Get ready to fin like a fish.
By Robby Myers | Authored On March 3, 2022
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11 Great Scuba Diving Fins in 2022


Two scuba divers fin kick above a coral reef, wearing Scubapro SeaWing Supernovas.


ScubaLab's testing of masks and snorkels is designed to gauge how well these essential pieces of gear allow us to move through the water. Fins are evaluated on 12 distinct areas, from comfort and stability to maneuverability and ease of donning and doffing. Two key areas get extra attention: comfort/fit and power versus stress — in other words, how much drive the fins provide relative to the amount of effort that is put into kicking.

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Scuba Diving Fins

Gull GT Fin


Wide opening on the foot pocket allows easy access for drysuit boots.


Now available in size medium, the drysuit-friendly, jet-styled GT fin is constructed with uniquely flexible Kinugawa rubber for power and precision. The wide blade, stabilized by jet holes, can provide plenty of thrust when diving with a heavy load or against strong current. The updated adjustable spring strap sports an ergonomic heel pad and large finger loop for easy on and off.

MSRP $390 |

IST Sports Safari


Easy kicker with travel-friendly dimensions and weight.

Jon Whittle

Made of soft, lightweight rubber, the Safari weighs just 1.8 pounds in size medium/large. Tapered side rails help the flexible blade move a fair amount of water with little effort, and its wide, scalloped shape is easy to maneuver. An adjustable strap holds the fin snugly in place for secure, comfortable kicking.

Dealer pricing |

Scubapro Go Sport Pink


Powerful, compact fin travels readily in carry-on luggage.


Powerful, compact fin travels readily in carry-on luggage.


The GO Sport boasts a “Boot-Fit” design with revised Ergo3 foot pocket that has been re-profiled to accommodate boots. Set at a 25-degree angle to the foot pocket, the Monprene blade features deep rails and ridges designed for powerful propulsion. A self-adjusting bungee strap allows for a versatile fit and easy donning and doffing. Multiple colors are available.

MSRP $159 |

Scubapro SeaWing SuperNova


Versatile, high-performance fin delivers power, speed and maneuverability.

Jon Whittle

This latest version improves upon its predecessor’s design to provide maximum speed and power. The two-piece design uses separate molds for the Monprene blade and foot pocket, allowing the fin to come apart for travel and storage. In warmer waters, it also lets users swap out the open-heel foot pocket for a full-foot pocket.

MSRP $279 |

Seac Booster Black


Specially designed blade provides powerful thrust.

Jon Whittle

Highly flexible, this freediving fin features a 24-inch technopolymer blade engineered with a hole at the base of the blade to channel water flow along the fin’s super-elastic rubber ribs and special over-molded rubber logo to increase its reactivity. The comfortable foot pocket is made with two different materials and allows the user to swap out the blades.

MSRP $139 |

Seac F1S


Strong side rails and a deep, flexible channel for improved thrust.

Jon Whittle

Strong side rails and a deep, flexible channel for improved thrust.

Jon Whittle

Made from advanced dual-density materials, the F1S is flexible, powerful and lightweight. Its durable construction enables it to withstand heavy use. The elastic Sling Strap has a large finger loop for easy donning and doffing, with a cushioned heel pad for comfortable daylong kicking. A nonslip sole and a comfortable foot pocket provide a stable, secure fit.

MSRP $119 |

Seac M-Power


Immediate boost from the very first kick.

Jon Whittle

This freediving fin maximizes thrust using a stiffer, high-grade technopolymer blade with super-elastic rubber ribs to channel the flow of water. Powerful and reactive, the M-Power’s interchangeable 24-inch-long blade is set at a 22-degree angle. The two-material Motus-series foot pocket is very comfortable when worn barefoot or with neoprene socks.

MSRP $149 |

Seac Propulsion S Open Heel Fin


Comfort and performance at an attractive price.

Jon Whittle

Comfort and performance at an attractive price.

Jon Whittle

The design of the Propulsion S uses pronounced side rails for improved stability while kicking hard, and features three strategically located soft channels to generate thrust and increase kick efficiency. The ergonomic foot pocket is outfitted with a boot-friendly bungee strap that provides a custom fit for any size foot.

MSRP $109 |

Sherwood Triton


Positively buoyant design floats if dropped in the water.

Jon Whittle

Made of 100 percent thermoplastic urethane, this fin provides remarkable comfort and flexibility to deliver greater power while also reducing the risk of cramping. The ergonomic foot pocket is designed to maximize comfort and power, and is outfitted with a bungee strap for easy donning and doffing. Vents between the pocket and blade increase thrust and decrease drag.

MSRP $161 |

Tusa Switch SF-0104-FY


Blades easily detach for simple carry-on packing.

Jon Whittle

Blades easily detach for simple carry-on packing.

Jon Whittle

Comfort, power and versatility are at the heart of this open-heel fin. The responsive blade is angled for a powerful kick, and features special ridges behind the blade vent to reduce resistance for a smoother, more efficient stroke. The interchangeable blade unbolts from the foot pocket in seconds for easy packing, and the ergonomic bungee strap can be adjusted without tools.

MSRP $229 |

Tusa Travel Right


Available in six sizes from XXS to XL.

Jon Whittle

This lightweight, compact fin packs plenty of kick, but is small enough to easily be stowed in a carry-on bag. The rounded, open-heel foot pocket is designed for a soft, comfortable fit when worn barefoot. An elastic bungee holds the fin securely in place without needing to be adjusted and uses an anatomic heel pad for increased comfort and stability against bare feet.

MSRP $89.95 |