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ScubaLab Gear Reviews and Videos

Our gear editors review and test scuba diving equipment to bring you the latest information and help you make informed decisions the next time you purchase gear.

For more than 20 years, the equipment-testing unit known as ScubaLab has been examining gear, compiling data and offering divers the most complete, unbiased reviews in the industry.

ScubaLab’s test team generates this info in a couple of different ways. First it puts scuba diving gear through a range of head-to-head objective tests using sophisticated equipment and testing facilities, like breathing machines, hyperbaric chambers, test pools and digital speedometers.

Next ScubaLab takes scuba-diving equipment out of the laboratory and into the water, employing a team of experienced divers to investigate how everything from BCs and fins to dive computers and regulators will perform in the real world. The detailed data that results from this testing is the most valuable information on scuba diving equipment available anywhere.


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