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9 Reasons Why You'll Love Scuba Diving

By Scuba Diving Partner | Updated On October 31, 2018
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9 Reasons Why You'll Love Scuba Diving

It's a world unlike any other, including outer space. Isn't it time you experienced scuba diving for yourself?

learn to dive

Learning to scuba dive is easier than you think, and it comes with a whole world of benefits.


1. It's easier than you think. Scuba diving is not an extreme sport. The only skill you need is to be comfortable in the water. When you learn, an instructor is in the water to explain everything you need to know.

2. The chance to dive with marine creatures. Encounter sea turtles, one of the earth's oldest creatures; gentle whale sharks, the world's biggest fish; and whales, the magical creatures of the deep. You will be changed forever by these remarkable experiences.

3. The chance to see a coral reef. Corals are the mind-blowing, living backbone of a reef and host a number of other creatures, like beautiful tropical fish, exotic eels and tiny critters.

4. To become an underwater explorer. The ocean covers 71 percent of the earth’s surface and yet is one of the planet's last undiscovered frontiers. Expand your horizon to discover the unknown.

5. To feel the peace, weightlessness and freedom of breathing underwater — no cell phone, no deadlines, no bosses. Just you and the ocean.

learn to dive

Your passion for scuba diving will take you around the world and back.


6. The chance to see the world. Explore both under and above the waves in some of the planet's most exotic destinations, like Hawaii, Tahiti, Papua New Guinea, the Maldives and the Caribbean.

7. To dive a wreck — history comes alive on sunken vessels.

8. To join the conservationists fighting to protect the ocean and its creatures. They need our help. Need we say more?

9. To make new friends — the dive community is among the friendliest in the world.

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