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Lessons Learned from 25 Years Diving the Great Barrier Reef

A conversation with Mike Ball Dive Expeditions managing director Craig Stephen about the Great Barrier Reef and future of the dive industry.

Exploring Queensland's New Wreck Dive: The HMAS Tobruk

Queensland, Australia's newest dive site, the HMAS *Tobruk* wreck, provides wreck lovers with a playground on the doorstep of the Great Barrier Reef.

How I Learned to Love the Current and Wild Brilliance of Komodo National Park

Scuba diving in Komodo National Park means enjoying the bounty of the fierce underwater currents, which bring manta rays, seahorses, sharks and more to this dive paradise.

Man Celebrates 99th Birthday with Attempt to Become World's Oldest Scuba Diver

An Illinois man made an attempt to become the world's oldest scuba diver on his 99th birthday with a dive in Pearl Lake.

Salt Life Raises Funds for Bahamas Hurricane Dorian Relief with Exclusive T-Shirt

Salt Life clothing company created a special Bahamas T-shirt to help raise funds for Hurricane Dorian relief in the northern Bahamas.

How to Support the Bahamas After Hurricane Dorian Devastation

The best ways to donate money and supplies to the northern Bahamas after the destruction of Hurricane Dorian, and the Bahamas islands that are open for tourists.

47 Meters Down: Uncaged Needs Serious Help from a Diver

With plot holes galore, the scuba diving thriller 47 Meters Down: Uncaged gets the science behind scuba diving and sharks woefully wrong.

A Liveaboard Journey through Mexico's Remote Revillagigedo Islands

An escape to Mexico's remote Revillagigedo Islands offers a sorely needed lesson in embracing the unexpected.

How One Man is Recycling Wetsuits to Create New Wallets

Reborn Rubber takes non-biodegradable neoprene and creates minimalist wallets that float and are waterproof.