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Annie Crawley

Underwater explorer Annie Crawley works around the world with fins on her feet and cameras in hand. As a multi-media creator her mission connects people to the ocean across many mediums. As a motivational speaker, photographer, writer, and a PADI Master Scuba Diving Instructor she strives to inspire all about our incredible blue world.

The Art of Breathing Underwater

Learn new tips from expert Annie Crawley on how your diving will change for the better when you become aware of your breath.

Everything You Need to Know About Diving from a Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat

Don't rock the boat! A guide to what you need to know before diving off a rigid hull inflatable boat.

Malpelo: Oasis in the Deep

Explore the beauty hidden beneath this underwater mountain chain off the coast of Colombia.

Start 'Em Young: How and When to Get Kids Diving

Unsure if your child is ready to become scuba certified? Here's your guide to when and how to get children diving.

Undersea Archives: How to Get the Most Out of Your Dive Log Book

A logbook is a record of your dive history and training, but how you approach your log depends on what works best for you.

How to Master Underwater Navigation and Dive Like a Pro

The more you dive using successful navigation, the more comfortable and confident you’ll become while seeking out new adventures.

Here's How to Improve Your Trim While Scuba Diving

Divers need to master their equipment and know how to adjust mid-dive to float weightlessly underwater.

How to Check Water Conditions When Planning a Dive

Maps for marine navigation and weather, as well as tide and nautical charts, are some of the tools that can help you read ocean conditions.

How to Pick the Right Dive Mask For You

Make the most of your mask purchase with these tips to find the one that suits your face shape and dive style.