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Diving the Reefs and Wrecks of Greater Fort Lauderdale

Off Florida’s coast, reefs, wrecks, and currents both mild and wild offer thrilling drifts for scuba divers.

Navy Creates Dive Helmet with Virtual Reality Display and POV Similar to Video Games

A new scuba diving helmet created by the U.S. Navy will provide 3-D and virtual reality images via a head-up-display, similar to video games.

Tagging Great White Sharks to Study Migrations, Behaviors & Twitter Followers

Ocearch’s Global Shark Tracker provides real-time updates on the migration patterns of tagged sharks, including the ­famous Twitter personalities Katharine, Lydia and Mary Lee.

Divers Explore Andrea Doria Shipwreck For The First Time in 20 Years

A team of five divers from OceanGate take a manned submersible called Cyclops 1 down 240 feet to survey the *Andrea Doria* shipwreck.

Fight Invasive Lionfish Species in the Caribbean with REEF

Help REEF fight invasive lionfish species by scuba diving, hunting and fishing in the Caribbean, Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico.

Shark Week 2016 Promo Video Is Released — And We're Not Sure How To Feel About It

The first video teaser for Shark Week 2016 has launched, and it's filled with mermaids, circus folk and, of course, people riding sharks. What do you think?

The Adopt a Manatee Program Helps Save Manatees in Crystal River

Despite the change in endangerment status, manatees in Florida springs and coastal waters need our help. Here's how you can take action to save these creatures!

Volunteer Divers Needed in Little Cayman to Help Save Coral Reefs

Want to protect Little Cayman corals and be a voluntourist? Join The Little Cayman Research Centre and go scuba diving to help the ocean's survival!

New Navy Dive Mask Will Be "Like Google Glass On Steroids"

This year is dubbed the Year of the Military Diver, and the U.S. Navy has developed a new full-face mask to give divers a new experience underwater.