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Becca Hurley

A certified diver since 2005 and former editor at Scuba Diving magazine, Hurley transitioned to contributing writer and Sea Heroes program manager in 2022. She's been diving all around the world and particularly loves the Asia-Pacific regions but as a Native Floridian The Florida Keys will always hold a special place in her heart. Besides scuba diving and reporting on marine conservation heroes, she enjoys traveling, volunteering and most of all, spending time raising her daughter and future dive buddy.

Liveaboard Diving Off the Beaten Path in Indonesia

Indonesia's Derawan Islands offer scuba divers aboard Aggressor's liveaboard boat run-ins with whale sharks, jellyfish and more.

Palau Now Requires Visitors to Sign Eco-Pledge

Palau has become the first country to require all tourists to sign a pledge to be issued an entry visa.

Scuba Diving Encounters: Jellyfish Lake in Indonesia

See what it's like to snorkel with jellyfish in this underwater video, taken in Indonesia at Lake Kakaban.

Scuba Diving The Wrecks Of Oahu

Two wrecks and a sub add up to a great morning of diving in Oahu, Hawaii.

Florida Goliath Grouper Harvest Update

The FWC has reported that they will be postponing the presentation and discussion of the possible goliath grouper harvest in Florida until February 2018.

Scuba Diving with SeaLife Camera's DC2000 in St. Lucia

Recently one of our editors got the chance to try out the new SeaLife DC2000 on a dive trip to St.Lucia!

Scuba Diving With Whale Sharks in the Derawan Islands, Indonesia

See what it's like to scuba dive with four gigantic whale sharks off the Derawan Islands in Indonesia in this video.

Florida Keys Optimistic About Hurricane Recovery, Set to Reopen October 1st

Good news coming out of the Florida Keys this week: The Keys are set to reopen to divers on Oct. 1.

If Divers Don't Act, Goliath Grouper May Soon Disappear

Florida anglers are petitioning the FWC to allow a limited open season on goliath grouper. Find out how you can take action as a diver to protect these fish.